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Vaccination Records

We require that the Distemper, Kennel Cough, and Rabies vaccination be current. If you do NOT have these documents, we will not be able to board your pet. You can call your veterinarian for these records and email us at info.happydoghideaway@gmail.comPlease have your pet on a flea and tick preventative, on a monthly basis, to prevent spreading to other dogs.

Toys and Bones

A pet's toy from home is a huge comfort for them, while you're away. 

Eating Regimen 

Please continue your pet's eating regimen during their entire stay. Changing of their eating habits and food can induce stomach issues. Please provide their own food and treats if possible.

Beds & Blankets

A nice warm blanket or their favorite bed, can comfort your pet while you're away. 

Leash Requirement

Please make sure that your animal is on a leash or within a carrier, when entering and exiting our property.

Medication Admin

$1.00 per med/day/dog

All pills, supplements and additives prescribed by a veterinarian are treated as medication. All medication should be brought in the original prescription bottle. 

Canine Cough & Canine Influenza

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